Updated 09.23.2018 v2.0

What is Noble Wave?

Noble Wave is a little food and beverage company (currently), with big aspirations (always).

We’re looking to open a brewery, restaurant, and bar (a ‘brewpub’), in Salem, Oregon. This will be Noble Wave’s first brick-and-mortar location and hopefully it’ll be open by the end of 2018.

While we are on the hunt for a location for the brick-and-mortar operation, we currently operate a ‘mobile kitchen’ at a few locations around Salem. (The ‘mobile kitchen’ is, essentially, a tricked out hot dog cart we’ve outfitted with substantially more cooking firepower.)

Where are you located?

Salem, Oregon. (Although the Noble Wave concept was originally developed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.)

Are you open yet?

Yes! Well, sort of.

Our mobile kitchen is fully operational and you can find it all over Salem throughout the week. Its schedule is posted here on our website but the easiest way to keep track of the mobile kitchen’s whereabouts are to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, where we post the updated schedule weekly.

Our brewpub is not yet open -  we’re currently on the hunt for a location and are aiming to open by the end of 2018.

What’s a brewpub?

A bar and restaurant that brews its own beer. We’ll brew and store our beer on site. We’ll also have a kitchen producing a full menu of food. You’ll be able to consume it all fresh on-site.

What kind of food do you serve?

The flavorful kind. Hopefully folks in Salem aren’t afraid of a little heat in their food. Or butter.

We’re a brewery and we’re looking to create food that pairs well with our beers. So, expect a lot of traditional American pub fare staples. But we’ll let our Louisiana roots shine through, so don’t be surprised to see a lot of Creole, Cajun, and Southern influences creeping in.

It’ll be a relatively small menu. The focus will be on quality and affordability rather than on offering a lot of different options. But we’ll keep the items rotating through frequently and we’ll also feature a lot of specials so that the menu is always fresh and exciting.

What kind of beers are you going to brew?

We’re looking to offer 12+ Noble Wave beers on tap at any given time, representing a variety of tastes and flavors.

We’re all big fans of hoppy beers so there will definitely be an emphasis there. West Coast, New England, we like them all. But we’ll also have some darker beers – we have a great milk stout that we’re planning to serve as one of our year-round flagships. And other traditional styles like a light American pilsner and an American wheat ale. We’re also really excited to feature some of the great agriculture products that are grown nearby, from fresh hops to adjuncts like fruits and nuts.

We’ve got nearly ten years of homebrewing experience and worked with some professional brewers back in Louisiana to develop recipes. We’ll also be adding a full-time experienced head brewer to our team before we get started.

Are you going to serve any beverages other than Noble Wave beer?

Totally. A lot of great Oregon wines by the bottle and on-tap for glass and carafe fills. Some local ciders and kombucha. Soda. And we’ll feature some of our favorite beers on tap from other breweries.

Our story

The concept and business plan for Noble Wave was developed by longtime friends and Louisiana natives back in their hometown of Baton Rouge. Salem was selected as the best place in the country to launch Noble Wave.

What will set Noble Wave apart from the thousands of other existing craft breweries and brewpubs in the US?

Great beer and food. But everyone opening a new brewpub says they have great beer and food.

We’re gonna be doing some weird and exciting things like running the whole show with just a small crew of professional full-timers who are all getting paid a salary and getting some other sweet compensation benefits. We’re also gonna take 50 percent of all tips received and reinvest them back into the community through our companion non-profit foundation.

What’s up with the quirky staffing model?

It’s an experiment. We think it might produce better results than the traditional way of running one of these places. We think it could really empower our staff, our customers, even the community, and really be a game changer. But we’re not really sure, because to our knowledge, nobody has really tried this. We’re gonna give it our best shot and see what happens.

What sort of ‘better results’ are you expecting from the Noble Wave staffing model?

We think this will be a win for our staff because they’ll get to work as part of a small, close-knit team of professionals. Everyone will have an opportunity to really bring their own individual expertise and passions to the table and contribute to the creation and growth of this company in a meaningful way. And the chance to be doing it all alongside equally dedicated and talented teammates. It’s gonna be demanding and challenging work but we can compensate our crew really well, one of the benefits of having such a small team.

From a customer perspective, we think this staffing model is great because you’re going to get a consistent experience delivered by top-notch professionals. You’re also supporting great local careers. And you have the chance to support great initiatives in your community through your tips, where we’re also trying something a bit different.

What’s the deal with repurposing tips to charity?

Since our employees will be relying less on tips to pay their bills, we’re re-purposing 50% of tips received from all of you back to the community through our associated non-profit foundation.

We hope it’s a fun and easy way for people to make a positive impact on their surrounding community. Go out to a cool spot, eat some great food, drink some great beers, tip like you would at any other place, and you’ll be directly contributing to making Salem a better place – pretty neat!

We think Salem is a pretty awesome place already and we’re really excited to partner with many of the existing local non-profits and charities to fund initiatives that work to continue making Salem an even better place to live.

Why source your charitable donations from tips? Why not donate a portion of Noble Wave’s revenues or profits like other companies do?

Basically, we wanted an easy way for our customers to see the dollars that they spend at Noble Wave going to making Salem a better place to live. When you’re talking about numbers like revenue and profit, it can feel like a bit of a black box and be hard for customers to really feel connected to those numbers and feel the overall impact that their purchase is making.

By repurposing 50% of tips, we’re giving the customer total visibility into the amount of money going to charity and also giving the customer complete control over how much money that ends up being. And we hope that combines to really emphasize that this is the customer’s money, this is the customer making the charitable contribution. Noble Wave is just the facilitator – we’re not doing this for any write-off or tax benefit – our customers should be getting that benefit.

How much money are we talking about?

Our goal is to invest more than $200,000 back into the surrounding community through repurposing 50% of tips over the first three years we’re open.

Would Noble Wave be interested in funding <insert totally cool charity or community initiative> that I support?

Possibly! Send us an email - we’re always looking for new opportunities and partners to work with.

Can I join your team?


We’ll be looking to make at least two full-time hires before we open in Salem:

  • Artist/bartender

  • Head brewer

Send us an email if you’re interested in connecting and check back here for full job descriptions as we get closer to finalizing a location and a timeline for opening.

I have additional questions or comments. How can I contact you?

Email us at info@enjoynoblewave.com.