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our perspective on building a team

TL;DR – We’re hiring. Full-time. Tip share for all. Potential for profit-sharing, long-term equity, bonuses + more.

Everything we achieve as a company relies on the quality of the people around us. The people interacting with our guests, the people creating our food and drinks, brewing our beer - if we don’t have a great team, if we don’t put them in a position to do their best, there’s no way that Noble Wave can reach its fullest potential.

Our admittedly ambitious goal is to, ultimately, offer the best careers in the industry. A fun, challenging, and rewarding environment where you can bring your passions to work and be a part of a team of like-minded, equally-ambitious professionals.

We have many ideas about how we want to attract and reward the talented folks around us. Some of these ideas we can offer from the get-go. On others we will have to be a bit more patient. But we are optimistic that as we get open in a little over a month and work through the inevitable kinks that every young business faces, we’ll be able to start implementing these ideas in full-force.

One thing that has never changed is our belief that nothing is more important than the quality of our team. That belief is why we packed up and moved from Louisiana to Oregon, to launch Noble Wave where we’d be forced to make fewer compromises. Why our three owners each quit their jobs and took big pay cuts to share a small two bedroom apartment in Salem – drawing straws on who got stuck with the living room as a makeshift bedroom. And it’s definitely why we structured Noble Wave’s equity as we did, reserving 50 percent for future employee stock-options, laying the groundwork to offer a long-term stake in the company to the people helping us build this and reach our aspirations.

We (along with many others, including some of our biggest inspirations) believe many of the problems in the world today are the result of greed and the pursuit of short-term profits over everything else, losing sight of what really matters: people, and how we treat one another. If we can play any part in showing that there is a better way to run a company - that’s the ultimate barometer of success for Noble Wave.